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Showroom? We show you in your room!

POSTED ON 13th May 2022

Home kitchen consultations offer something more bespoke

Often the first thing you do when choosing a new kitchen is start visiting kitchen showrooms to get some ideas. This is not a bad plan, and it does give you some idea of options and quality, but if the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that things don’t have to be done in the same old ways.

We don’t have a showroom of our own. We have had one in the past and for many years it served us well. However, we took the decision quite a while ago (way before Covid) that we would do things a little differently. That the huge overheads of having a showroom (premises, staffing, stock etc), that we had to pass on to customers (how else could they be funded?) could be removed entirely, and that we could do just as good a job, if not a better one, focusing on home consultations.

No need to wonder how a kitchen would look in your home – we show you

A home kitchen consultation is a bit more than showing you some brochures and giving you a quote. We discuss your ideas and provide you with design visuals of what you could have in your specific space.

For many people now, going to busy showrooms with lots of high touch items is not how they want to shop but equally shopping online for something as bespoke as a kitchen will only take you so far. Home consultations are conducted in a really safe way; it’s just our kitchen designer and you and we’re happy to observe any covid precautions you are comfortable with (mask wearing, social distancing, sterilising samples etc). You can tell us about anything you need on the enquiry form before we come out.

We like to think it makes for a more positive kitchen buying experience: you get the undivided attention of our designer, rather than trying to catch the eye of busy staff in a shop, you’re sat in the comfort of your own home with a cup of tea, and we can come out at a time to suit you – including evenings – so you’re not having to find time during standard retail opening hours.

Does that mean we offer cheap kitchens?

No, not exactly, because we only offer high quality kitchens, but what it does means is that your entire budget is going on the kitchen you are buying and the installation (the elements that make a difference); you’re not funding a showroom. Essentially, you get more for your money.

But how can you see the quality?

That’s a fair point; we talk about the quality of our kitchens but without a showroom, how do you really know? Well, there are a couple of ways. Firstly, we can bring you samples so you can feel the quality of the materials and see how the colours look in the light of your own home (this will look different to the bright lights of a showroom). Secondly, we predominantly supply Daval kitchens, a West Yorkshire based, award winning manufacturer, and they have a showroom just down the road in Huddersfield, so you can see the kitchens we’re specifying there.

Book your consultation

Whatever stage you are at in your kitchen buying process – just starting out with no clear ideas, or very focused on a particular style or colour – we can guide you through it and the first step is to book a design consultation. You can do that here or by calling us on 01924 261036.