Our Kitchens

We offer a wide range of kitchens and because they’re all made to measure we can tailor yours to your exact specifications. We can combine finishes and details to create something that’s unique to you because we’re not constrained by ‘stock kitchens’ or limited by standard sizes and styles.

All our kitchens are supplied by Yorkshire based manufacturer, Daval. As well as the general quality and variety of styles offered by Daval, it’s the little details that set their kitchens apart – the latest innovations in accessories and gadgets, the ideas they have for maximising space and their complete approach to quality; you won’t find cheap carcasses hidden behind quality doors for example.

At 3Style Kitchens we offer just that – 3 different styles of kitchen to suit every taste, whether it’s the classic detail of a traditional kitchen or the clean lines of a modern design; or of course something in between! Be inspired by our Traditional, Contemporary and Modern ranges and, as they’re all made to order, why not take elements from different styles and mix it up a little?

Kitchens by Colour

If you're not sure what style you want but you're pretty sure you want a white kitchen, or a neutral one or a wood one etc then why not browse our kitchens by colour? We have created showcases of our kitchen ranges grouped by colour theme rather than style so feel free to browse and see what we can offer! See links below:

White Kitchens | Cream and Neutral Kitchens | Wood Kitchens | Black and Grey Kitchens | Blue and Purple Kitchens | Colour Combinations

For a free consultation, or to arrange a visit to the showroom, call us on 0800 321 3491 or complete our enquiry form.